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(She is my late grand mother and therefore I am writing behalf of her – Niharika)

My grand mother is a multi talented person. There is saying that there are 64 types of arts and my grand mother might be knowing 90% of them though she is not professionally trained. She is a singer, artist, fashion designer and so on. She is expert in Chess and Rubik’s Cube Game. She learned Ayurvedic principles and kept everyone healthy at home. Only unfortunate thing is that, she was born in olden days and was forced to become a house wife. Though a small circle of her family considers her as a professional artist, her voice could not be heard and her talents could not be exposed.

Her friend used to write lyrics and compose tunes. My grand mother used to sing those songs. I am publishing them for the first time on internet under ‘Arts’ category. They are unreleased songs.

Listen and enjoy!!!

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