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I started a small blog with name “All I Can Think Is” to share my thoughts in 2007. Later I thought of including some more sections in the same blog to share my knowledge. So i created a website and named it as “Viswavid” in 2010.  Meaning of Viswavid is “knowing everyhing”. I tried various plotforms like Blogger, Google sites, Wix and finally started using WordPress. I was a biology student at that time and created many articles related to biology, health and lifestyle. 

It took so many years to standardize the platform. I recreated site with new easily understandable name “Discoveries of Mind” in 2015. I included a option to become author. So some of my friends joined as authors. I made so many postings to spread awareness and knowledge. Later I joined in Psychology. So I made posts related to mind in 2016. The final version of “Discoveries of Mind” has articles section. I recently added free online counseling session after gaining experience through internships in 2017.

– Niharika

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