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Copying someones content can makes you feel bothered about their ability…

Some times you dont understand why you are bothered about someone. Even when you try to stop bothering, you cannot do that. You might think that its your concern. But … Continue reading

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Responsibility vs Slavery: Where are the borders?

Parent says  “It is our responsibility to make sure that you take right decision, we have to teach you right and wrong” Child says “It is my responsibility to listen … Continue reading

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Who is travelling?

Transportation has become very comfortable today. Anyone can travel to any place.     There is globalization. Parents are travelling across countries to take care of their offsprings. Students are … Continue reading

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Life is so complete and things bounce back?

I am writing this post based on one of my personal experience. There is no logic and this post is not SCIENTIFIC. Its just a belief!         … Continue reading

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You cannot extinguish fire until or unless you know difference between oil and water

Many of the humans try to help others in different ways. Some are selfish. Some are self centered. We think that selfish people are most dangerous. In reality, most dangerous … Continue reading

25 Nov 2016 · 2 Comments

Landing on Moon

We people, especially Indians, hear the lullaby about the moon (Jabbilli) from mothers and grannys in our childhood. We enjoy it until we realize the reality that it’s not within … Continue reading

24 Mar 2016 · 7 Comments

Worry about problems, but not about people…

Every person will have a circle around him as a boundary. It is the zone of perception. When perception improves, his circle enlarges. When that circle becomes infinite, he will … Continue reading

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Nature’s differentiation of man and women

If we assume that males and females are mentally different, what could have caused that difference? Today, woman are competing with men in every field, but still they are different. … Continue reading

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Instead of wishing something, change to fulfill your wish

There is a personal incident of my own in support of this post. Always I wanted to be the first person to reach my work place especially before my boss. … Continue reading

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Senses and illusions

More than two senses are necessary to prove that something is not an illusion. Let me explain with a example…. If we get bad smell from food, we taste it … Continue reading

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Electronic communication

There are supporters and opposers of electronic communication. Problem comes when we feel the difference. If we have the same kind of emotions and feelings while expressing either directly or … Continue reading

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You can not become a true researcher until and unless you see reason behind belief, logic behind thought, cause behind action and fun behind instinct!

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No use of time rewind without simulation

Sometimes I wonder….. Is time machine really useful? If time rewinds I will go back in time. But if I don’t remember present me, I will again live in same … Continue reading

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True Independence

People think that independence is some physical distance or mental distance from others. Actually, there are so many kinds of separations, which cannot be called as independence. True independence is … Continue reading

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Correlation of Things to Clear Doubts

When you feel that a thing is happening because of other thing, you start doubting. That is the base of all misunderstandings (in case if the doubt is wrong) and … Continue reading

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Presence of Absence

When you feel the absence of someone in their presence, it is better to leave them to be absent and feel their presence in the absence!!!

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Evaluate Based On Actions

Sharing one’s thoughts, ideas, plans etc. and evaluation of others based on their thoughts is merely a waste job. Perception varies from time to time. It depends on mindsets, past … Continue reading

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Make Effort and Change Will Come On Its Own

Some people struggle so much, but still remain unsuccessful.  They imagine to change whole world, but will not be able to change anything. Reason is, the happenings in society are … Continue reading

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Sixxxeeeeeerrr!!I Won You Lost!!!Yeah!!

Why should we feel happy? Srilanka or pakistan lost the match and India won. But once upon a time, they were parts of India. We separated and now one of … Continue reading

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Defencive Thinking

The main force which will help human beings to repair their body is IMMUNITY. Many medications, antibiotics etc.. all are based on immune reactions. It is the response initialized in … Continue reading

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Deaths Throughout The Life

In the adult stage our nature helps us in being confidant, having enthusiasm and to learn things. One very important character is, we don’t like this society and we hate … Continue reading

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