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Are you seeing everything that you see?

Why we ignore some things and see other things? It is because you have several kinds of barriers that hinder your sight. According to behaviouristic theories of psychology, there are … Continue reading

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Mind tries to find another nest during therapy…

After you grow up, you become independent. Independence is a state where you will try to understand yoursel better, make your own decisions and solve problems. Same thing happens when … Continue reading

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Roles of mental health professionals

All Indians should understand roles of different mental health professionals. Professionals are supposed to complement each other and form a strong network. But it is so pathetic that they are … Continue reading

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Best qualities of a therapist

Therapist should be non judgemental and empathetic. He/She should be able to accept anything. Should have boundaries and have patience.

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Choose your patients carefully

Therapist should choose patients carefully. Human mind is biased. Realizing and accepting that fact is first step in becoming a good psychologist. If patients problems are reminding you of your … Continue reading

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Psychodynamic therapist should be a stranger

Therapist cannot treat his own family members, friends and relatives because, Psychodynamic predictions tries to explain the unconscious. If therapist already knows patient, Psychodynamic predictions made by therapist might get … Continue reading

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