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What happens when you run away from problems?

Most of the people try to use coping strategies to escape from problems. Coping strategies might include activities ranging from productive tasks such as walking, meditation to maladaptations such as … Continue reading

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Right Vs Wrong – new perspective based on nature

Are there any ethics? There are different laws and cultures which judge people. No rule is universal and it varies from place to place and time to time.  There is … Continue reading

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Are you seeing everything that you see?

Why we ignore some things and see other things? It is because you have several kinds of barriers that hinder your sight. According to behaviouristic theories of psychology, there are … Continue reading

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A journey from determinism to free will

Every act of a person depends on his nature and nurture. Nature includes genetic component. Example: genes determine the IQ of a person. Nurture includes culture, society norms and belief … Continue reading

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Happy Friendship Day

According to a research conducted by Prof.Seligman, three important things that are important for welbeing are meaning, engagement and relations. Relations play a very important role in life. Friendship helps … Continue reading

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Mind tries to find another nest during therapy…

After you grow up, you become independent. Independence is a state where you will try to understand yoursel better, make your own decisions and solve problems. Same thing happens when … Continue reading

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Why is it important to look after mental health?

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IF you…….I will…..

I will not leave you alone at home IF… I will give chocolate IF… I will make you class leader IF… I will join you in good college IF… I … Continue reading

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“I remembered my home suddenly. I started thinking about it. I realized, the canteen food is resembling food made by my mother.” What is happening to me right now? Why … Continue reading

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Roles of mental health professionals

All Indians should understand roles of different mental health professionals. Professionals are supposed to complement each other and form a strong network. But it is so pathetic that they are … Continue reading

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Things that improve quality of life

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Courage Vs Stupidity

If you know the consequences and jump into field to achieve positive outcome, that is courage. If you are ignorant of consequences and jump without knowing, that is stupidity.

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What is the difference between psychotherapy and wise advice?

Many people prefer taking help from wise people. They consult elders, friends and colleagues for advice. What is psychology? How is it different from wise advice? What is the necessity … Continue reading

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Psychodynamic therapist should be a stranger

Therapist cannot treat his own family members, friends and relatives because, Psychodynamic predictions tries to explain the unconscious. If therapist already knows patient, Psychodynamic predictions made by therapist might get … Continue reading

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Every change is a golden chance if you…..

During evolution, there is continuous change. Organisms got mutated… the species which could adapt only survived. They are the fittest ones. Why are they successful?  They are successful because they … Continue reading

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Still angry?

If you are anger because of something that happened in the past, that means you are still living in past. Then how will you refrain yourself? Here are some tips: … Continue reading

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Humans are made in such a way that they think!!! So they should be allowed to think.

All humans have equal capacity to think. Their machinery itself is made in such a way that they think. Problem solving and intelligence are high in few, but no one … Continue reading

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Humans are basically good

Research studies have shown that humans have empathy by birth. Circumstances make them bad.  

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Why is it important to escape the race?

We all are in race. To get name, fame, money, success, etc… But just stop for a second and think about it! Why are we in race? All the paths … Continue reading

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Choice is the other name of fate!

You cant predict the future. But you can control it…. Life is full of choices. Your future depends on your choice. Each of your choice leads to different path. Different … Continue reading

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Can you really get help and support from friends and relatives when you are mentally weak?

People seek help generally from their friends and family. They think that they can even solve big problems by taking support from relatives and friends.  Why you cant receive help … Continue reading

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Is Problem bigger than You? Let’s address it, let’s solve it…!

When we have problem either we tend to fight back or fly away. Many of the problems are fundamental in nature. First we have to understand the nature and origin … Continue reading

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Failure teaches how to succeed

Generally success is the outcome and product of some of the favourable factors. When we are successful, we will not understand how we became. We also do not bother to … Continue reading

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Why we fail in solving problems?

Though the answer is logical and rational, it doesnt work. Problem will remain the same. Reason is, problem will have a root. Answer has to target the root but not … Continue reading

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Scientifically, love is a combination of passion, intimacy and commitment.  Practically, there are so many aspects. There are so many misconceptions and complications. Respect and its forms Any form of … Continue reading

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‘Writing’ calms down

Writing your feelings reduces the emotions. If you are sad or angry, you can write down whatever comes to your mind. That reduces your adness or anger.  Sometimes problems appear … Continue reading

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If you fool your mind, it will fool back psychotically…

Many people try to fool. They try to tell themselves that nothing wrong has happened. They will just deny fact that something is wrong. They remind themselves that all is … Continue reading

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Money cant buy mental health and modernization is not ruining life

Many people believe that money is a key factor behind health, wealth and happyness. I wrote some other posts on this topic. Poor people might enjoy social life and be … Continue reading

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Brain about Brain and Its study – Psychology

In Some way or the other, at some point or the other I used to wonder what Psychologists are up to, is collectively every psychologists aims for the good in … Continue reading

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The three requirements of life

1. A continuous enriching source (you need basic requirements like food and water. You can earn food only by doing some job). 2. A stress free environment (stress should not … Continue reading

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Self confidence

Low self-confidence isn’t a life sentence. Self-confidence can be learned, practiced, and mastered–just like any other skill. Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better.” … Continue reading

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Dream Facts

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“FEAR” – We all have confusions and slight clarity of what is fear and how to combat it. Fear is an Emotional Experience of being harmed or in danger wherein … Continue reading

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Worry and the relation

If someone is worrying because of you, it is wrong. If someone is worrying for you, there is nothing wrong in it. But, more you think and worry about it, … Continue reading

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Emotions and actions

Emotions are always changing. If we do actions based on only emotions, we will regret one day when our emotions change.

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A simple definition of positivity

“Evaluation of others by thinking that they are correct…”

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Every person is a white paper!

The colour of white paper will remain white. It is seen in different colours for those who see through coloured glasses. In the same way, every individual is a white … Continue reading

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Ethics of Addictions

Some people argue that addictions like drinking, smoking are not wrong because they are mandatory in some western countries for maintaining body heat. Other arguments are also there. The person … Continue reading

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Jack of All Trades, Master of One?

What do you think about being a jack of all? Before that, I want to ask another question. What is all? let us take a example of a person trying … Continue reading

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The Right Companionship

How to choose your company? Is there any difference between positivity and optimism? Can you be with a person with negativity without being harmed? Everybody likes to be in company … Continue reading

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Stress Vs Discipline

Forget about artificial methods by which a person can try to be stress free. Discipline is ordered and systematic way of living. How can one live a disciplined life? Is … Continue reading

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Social Animal Is No More!

Social animals are those animals which interact highly with other animals. Though philosophers call human beings as social animals, it is  no more a truth! People stopped moving out from … Continue reading

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Why Am I The Most Unlucky Person In The World

You cant understand my problems, because you have never experienced so many problems like me. I am the single most unluckiest person in this world. What do you know about … Continue reading

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Thinking is Injurious to Life

Success cannot be achieved by a person who keeps on thinking. If you keep on thinking, your thoughts become complicated, solutions which are in front of your eyes cannot be … Continue reading

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Learning Tips

Have you ever analyzed your reading skills? What makes the difference between reading and learning? Let us have a glance on effective learning techniques which can boost your memory and … Continue reading

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