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Job title and nature of job are different! Choose carefully…

Job title and nature of job are two different things. Many students are just getting attracted to title of the job and selecting a course which is not suitable. That … Continue reading

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Which is the best learning style?

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​Are you fit?

Weight, healthy weight is a sign of healthy person not only physically but also mentally. But maintaining it seems a problem as there are ups and down in the life … Continue reading

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Movies and their impact

Sentement and entertainment can help a movie in becoming successful at box office. But what is the impact on people? Even normal movies are becoming like fantacies. No movie is … Continue reading

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Right Indian food to loose weight

Simple mantra to loose weight is  Eat high amount of protein and vitamins moderate amount of carbohydrate low amount of fat Best of North India: North Indian dals are very … Continue reading

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Is it practically possible to celebrate pollution free Diwali?

29 Oct 2016 · 1 Comment

Happy , Safe and Pollution Free Diwali

A celebration should give us happyness. It should remove the fear… In reality, Diwali celebration gives pleasure to only few living beings. For others, it is just a curse. In … Continue reading

29 Oct 2016 · 6 Comments

Is it correct to kill the senses?

People without senses struggle. People with snses are struggling to kill the senses. There are so many products which manipulate the perception of senses like deodorants, goggles, flavouring agents and … Continue reading

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Why the vegetarianism is better?

Vegetarianism doesn’t involve killing of animals. but, plants are also living and they too have feelings! Cutting of plants doesn’t cause killing. Removal of terminal parts of plant acts as … Continue reading

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How to Decide What to Eat for Good Health?

When you eat something, you will not know all the health benefits and ill effects of your eatable all the times. So there are simple ideas by which you can … Continue reading

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Exercise Vs Improved Activity

Of course, exercising regularly reduces overweight, increases muscle power, strengthens the body. It improves mental health along with physical health. Coming to the reality, is it possible for everyone to … Continue reading

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Microbial Heroes in The Mask of Villainism

Each and every advertisement related to cleaning products focuses on microbes! They establish a war against microorganisms. Some also spell microorganisms as worms. But what is the truth? Are they … Continue reading

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