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Copying someones content can makes you feel bothered about their ability…

Some times you dont understand why you are bothered about someone. Even when you try to stop bothering, you cannot do that. You might think that its your concern. But … Continue reading

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Right Vs Wrong – new perspective based on nature

Are there any ethics? There are different laws and cultures which judge people. No rule is universal and it varies from place to place and time to time.  There is … Continue reading

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Fighting back the Unjust

From birth to death we fight consciously or sub consciously about many things that are important to us. Our fights are conscious choices within our awareness and surroundings. We witness … Continue reading

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Doing the right thing Vs Doing things that are easy

Right from the birth we have the freedom of choice and as we grow up, our conscious mind makes choice based on the belief system. Belief system is formed by … Continue reading

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Demonetization – Part I

Demonetization It’s not an exaggeration that by NOW everyone Knew about the meaning and essence of Demonetization. Quick facts: What: “Act of stripping currency unit of its status as a … Continue reading

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Why you should not copy is…

People believe that copying is wrong because it is unethical. Top student and dumb students will get equal marks when they copy and that is injustice. Weak student will not … Continue reading

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Does children provoke men to rape?

Society keeps blaming girl for wearing improper dresses…. people believe that women provoke men to rape ….. If that is true, what about child abuse? There are so many growing … Continue reading

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Unknowing contribution to crime

Let us take an example of accident. Let us assume that 100 people are travelling in wrong side. As per probability, if there are five ways among 100 ways in … Continue reading

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Donating time spoils both the recipient and donor. Donating money spoils the recipient and benefits the donor. Donating ideas benifits both the recipient and donor!!!

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Ideal conditions of truth

A liar may learn telling lies to satisfy people surrounding him. That means, he need not tell lies if the people surrounding him are being happy and satisfied for nothing. … Continue reading

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Which is right and which is wrong?

Sometimes when we cannot understand ethics of something, we can think in different way to judge it. If you have a doubt whether it something happening or happened is correct … Continue reading

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Ethics of Addictions

Some people argue that addictions like drinking, smoking are not wrong because they are mandatory in some western countries for maintaining body heat. Other arguments are also there. The person … Continue reading

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Ignorant Questions to Intelligent Researchers

Why do you do research on animals other than humans? Is it because they are small? If so, why don’t you do research on small babies? Is it because they … Continue reading

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Dear Grooms…

I do benefit society! I do benefit people! I do benefit economy! I do benefit hard work. I benefit society by setting price for him. I benefit people by making … Continue reading

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