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A journey from determinism to free will

Every act of a person depends on his nature and nurture. Nature includes genetic component. Example: genes determine the IQ of a person. Nurture includes culture, society norms and belief … Continue reading

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“I remembered my home suddenly. I started thinking about it. I realized, the canteen food is resembling food made by my mother.” What is happening to me right now? Why … Continue reading

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Creator of Creation..????

We hardly believe the fact that “we are a bunch of molecules” like other living creature of this whole universe and our mankind is made of common matter that exists … Continue reading

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Oneness in Religion

Religion is a dynamic and a collection of cultural practices, age old said myths combined with ethics and social behavior towards faith in supernatural beings or transcendental power. It has … Continue reading

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Why should we pray?

Some think that GOD and Deities are policing human race. People do not commit sins due to fear that they will be punished. Some others think that the supernatural powers … Continue reading

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Ganesh Chaturdhi Puja With Meaning

Do you believe in Ganesh? Do you worship Ganesh on Ganesh Chaturdhi? Do you visit Ganesh statues on that day? Then know the meaning of what you are doing. Nothing … Continue reading

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Perception and the GOD

If real world is a hallucination and everything depends only on our perception, why to search for the existance of GOD? perception of GOD from our side itself matters!

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Reality of existance….

We think that people live on the earth physically. But in reality, only complicated networks of interactions among people exists like a spider’s net which are not even observed by … Continue reading

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The Ego and Freedom from it

Who is a monk? Can sprinckling of water fetch you anything? What is consiousness and freedom from all emotions? To start discussion, the right place is ‘human wants’. What a … Continue reading

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There must be something unknown!

Organisms have been evolving throughout. The forces operating on them during evolution are their fitness and also chance. They don’t know the mechanisms by which they are evolving. Nature is … Continue reading

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The Power of Nature

In ancient times people used to worship nature. In their opinion, nature is God. They worshipped mountains, lakes, trees, animals, land and also rocks. They dint know much about the … Continue reading

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Nature is not cruel, it is wise!

In this creation, every individual should depend on other living organism. So we kill them, we use them. Even if we are vegetarians, we have to kill plants for the … Continue reading

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