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Roles of mental health professionals

All Indians should understand roles of different mental health professionals. Professionals are supposed to complement each other and form a strong network. But it is so pathetic that they are competing and fighting among themselves.

Success of therapist lies in choosing right kind of patient. Redirecting patients to different suitable professional is the best practice in case of mismatch. Collaboration and complimenting each other helps for the welfare of patients.

In the same way, patient has to choose right person. Patients are demanding for instant relief and medicines even when there is no requirement. Medicines can negatively impact health and has long term side effects.

Psychiatrist diagnoses mental illness and treats it with medicines. Medicines are must in three cases.

1. If patient has no control over himself (eg: suicidal tendency, loss of touch with reality).

2. If case is severe

3. If defect is biological (if there is deformity in organ, how much ever we try, organ cannot produce required substance and supplement has to be taken)

Clinical psychologist diagnoses mental abnormality and treats without using medicines. In fact, the diagnosis of clinical psychologist is the best diagnosis. RCI recognition and license are must to become clinical psychologist.

Mental illness / pathology is the problem that ruins functionality, relations and life. Approximately 5 – 10 % people fall under this category.

Psychologist deals with psychological problems and dysfunctional behavior that cannot be attributed to mental illness. Psychologist can treat thoughts and behavior. He/she can neither treat abnormalities nor give medicines.

Apart from those who have abnormality, remaining 90 – 95 % people are normal. They need mental health help only when there is a problem with their behavioral pattern or thought pattern, especially when there is conflict or issue or problem.

Clinical psychologists can also play the role of psychologist but psychologist cannot play the role of clinical psychologist. Psychiatrist can cure all problems, but effect of medicines is temporary. Medicines also have side effects.


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