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How to handle hyperactive kids?

In olden days, kids had lots of space to play. They used to walk, jump, climb trees, work hard and spend calories.

Today, parents are rearing kids between four walls. There are only one or two kids per home. So kids cannot find companions to play easily. They also doesn’t have space to play. They are eating high caloric foods like chocolates.

Where is the way for them to spend their calories? So they are becoming hyperactive and they keep destroying things at home.

Parents are taking their kids to doctors for being hyperactive. Doctors are giving medicines. Medicines can have side effects.

Parents should allow kids to spend energy in a constructive way (gardening, playing and exercising). That helps children to loose their calories. Then they will be stable at home.


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This entry was posted on 22 Jun 2017 by in All Posts, Parenting.
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