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Why your kid is not listening to you?

Don’t imagine a white elephant!!!!

What happened? a white elephant flashed in your mind?

Mind cannot understand “NOT”

Especially kids mind cannot understand NOT, because there is no physical existence of the word “NOT”. Example: banana is physically existing. Its image comes to mind when we say “banana”. Car exists, its image comes into mind when we think of “car”. “NOT” is a word that is used to denote the absence of something. So it doesnt exist. Children cannot understand “DON’T”

They only understand your words which have physical existence.

They also understand your body language.

So when you point at something and say “You should not go there”, they will understand “You should go there” because of your words which have existence (go, there) and body language (direction shown by you).

Then how to deal kids?

Instead of showing what they should not do, show what they should do.

Instead of saying what they should not do, tell them what they should do.

Moreover, if you do, they will do. They just imitate your behaviour.


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This entry was posted on 21 Jun 2017 by in All Posts, Parenting.
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