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What is the difference between psychotherapy and wise advice?

Many people prefer taking help from wise people. They consult elders, friends and colleagues for advice.

What is psychology? How is it different from wise advice? What is the necessity to go to a psychologist to solve problems? Why cant we seek help from any wise people? Why psychologists are working so hard? What makes them unique?


There is a key feature which differentiates advice and therapy.

Advice comes from adviser’s mind.

Psychology churns and brings out solution from client’s mind!


Psychologist acts as a mirror and reflects patient’s thoughts and feelings. He will neither influence nor manipulate client. 



About Niharika

I am the founder of Discoveries of Mind. I am a psychology student. Though I am from science background, I decided to become a psychologist on seeing the need in the society for psychological support. I could see psychological causes behind many problems in the society such as ill health, job inefficiency and relationship issues. I aspire to make contribution to the society and I have chosen psychology by thinking that it is the best means to achieve my goal. Previously before joining in psychology, I have done my under graduation and post-graduation in life sciences. I worked as a junior research fellow for three years. I also completed a PG diploma in forensic science and criminal justice. I realized the power of psychological tools for the first time during my diploma. I am a philosophical, independent person and I have thirst for knowledge. Gardening, singing and playing flute are my hobbies. Yours truly Niharika

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This entry was posted on 15 Jun 2017 by in All Posts, Mental Health.
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