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Weight, healthy weight is a sign of healthy person not only physically but also mentally. But maintaining it seems a problem as there are ups and down in the life which certainly affects our body weight, when we are stressed we tend to do two things regarding our meal that is we start eating a lot or stop taking proper meal. When ever any of two happens then consider it as a sign of something going wrong in life which needs attention to get back to normal. If attention is not given then it will add another stress in life i.e. Weight gain or weight loss. It can lead to  psychological disorders like depression. Initially it feels like I should do something to stop it but its becomes extremely difficult to motivate self to do some exercise and slowly slowly lose hope to get life better to the stage it feels everything is over and thoughts come of taking own life. Till when change is evident, person realises that the one needs serious help.

Getting things normal and back to functioning is a slow and steady process. It can’t be changed in days or week as it has taken lot to reach this level so it takes some time to get it normal too but with some essential efforts. Doing exercise gives you sense of control in life, balance hormones in brain, makes you fell good, when u feel that u get the chance to get out of vicious cycle of negative thoughts about life. We can fix the daily schedule to do some exercise on regular basis and starting with light exercises. The one can remain motivated to do exercise for 3-4 days then again we tend to give reasons for not doing it at that time we can use our thoughts and feelings to get motivated to do exercise like when we do exercise we feel good and feel sense of control which motivates us to be regular so when ever thoughts and reasons come of not doing exercise then think and feel the way u feel after doing exercise, this can make u moving, if you fail in this then you are not able to do exercise and after some time or days you will feel guilty or a bad feeling that I should have done exercise, make sure u remember this feeling and use it when next day u feel unmotivated to move then think about how you felt when u didn’t do the exercise, this can help u move, to boost it again think how u will feel when you do exercise. You might fail many times to make it work but you are the only one who can make it work just by trying. Doing some exercise is not a solution for problems but it can give a hand to find a solution to your problems by keeping your mental health healthy as well as physical health. Just by giving half hour a day you can get immune by your stressful life and avert the dark side of life.
– Yishu Rajpal (psychology student)

Woman Excersizing with weights


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This entry was posted on 1 Jun 2017 by in All Posts, Lifestyle.
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