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Right Indian food to loose weight

Simple mantra to loose weight is 

Eat high amount of protein and vitamins

moderate amount of carbohydrate

low amount of fat

Best of North India:

North Indian dals are very healthy. They are made of pulses like rajma, chole, lobia etc. North Indians use varieties of whole grains to make dals, where as south Indians use sliced refines pulses to make dals. Dals can be taken along with rice as lunch.

Eating North Indian dals would help in gaining huge amount of healthy protein.

Eating North indian breads like phulka and roti as dinner would help in taking moderate amount of healthy carbohydrate.

Best of South India:

South Indians use many varieties of vegetables to make curries. Eating various types of vegetables along with roti is very healthy practice. The vegetables which have more content of water will help more in loosing weight.

South Indian breakfasts are made of fermented batters and are very healthy. Very low amount of oil is used in making breakfasts like idly, dosa and upma.

Fruits and dry fruits have vitamins.


Sample diet:

Morning: idly / dosa / upma

Afternoon: dal, curd and rice

Evening: fruits and dry fruits

Night: roti with curry

Some other tips:

  • Avoid milk in the night. Milk is very heavy
  • Include limited amount of ghee in diet. ghee is healthy fat which actually helps in reducing size of fat cells
  • Drink more water. Water helps in metabolizing food
  • Dont sleep after eating. Be active
  • Prefer butter milk over curd

Avoid junk like chips, french fries, bhujia, samosa etc… they are made up of high fat (more than 50%) and carbohydrate


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