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Responsibility vs Slavery: Where are the borders?

Parent says  “It is our responsibility to make sure that you take right decision, we have to teach you right and wrong”

Child says “It is my responsibility to listen to elders”

Boy/girl friend says “It is my responsibility to take care of you”

When their is a clash between opinions,

Parent says “You don’t care about me and you don’t love me”

Child says “You took away all my life!!!”

Boy/girl friend says “You took away my freedom!”


Why everyone is facing problems with relationships? Whats wrong?

Responsibility is different from slavery. Not knowing the borders could be a reason behind problems. Slavery is condition where a person controls other person. The slave cannot express his opinions. He cannot have freedom to think and take decisions. Today, culture and traditions are making all humans as slaves.

Responsibility on the other hand is motivation towards a duty. Responsibility comes with the role. Different roles demand different responsibilities naturally. Eg: A Mother feeds the child and nature assigned that duty to her by designing her biology in that way.

If human behaves in responsible way without making other person slave or dependent, no problems would come.






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This entry was posted on 18 May 2017 by in All Posts, Thoughts.
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