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If you fool your mind, it will fool back psychotically…

Many people try to fool. They try to tell themselves that nothing wrong has happened. They will just deny fact that something is wrong. They remind themselves that all is well. This quality is praised in movies and stories. Life gurus and preachers promote fooling. They try to convey that everything is fine. They either ask their audience to believe that problem is not permanent or they will say that life is not permanent.

In reality, there is no shortcut or bypass. A problem cannot be solved without accepting the situation as it is. First step that has to be taken towards cure is insight building. 

Your mind is not a fool and it wont believe if you say that everything is perfect. It will stop trusting truths and become psychotic (looses touch with reality). Even if you do not become psychotic, you will atleast suffer with neurotic (there will be touch with reality) mental illnessess. 

A problem cant be left to time or it cant be neglected. It has to be accepted and solved.


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This entry was posted on 2 Dec 2016 by in All Posts, Mental Health.
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