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Brain about Brain and Its study – Psychology

In Some way or the other, at some point or the other I used to wonder what Psychologists are up to, is collectively every psychologists aims for the good in society?  and thought I can be one of them to use the psychology as a tool to spread the positivity  in surroundings, instead I have chosen the Loving others as ourselves and Harmony as a tools to spread the positivity in the life’s of people who encounters in my life.

a“The Goal of life is death” – Sigmund Freud.  As a student, Inspired by western world Sigmund’s works and introduced myself to the scientific study of the human mind and its functions effecting ones behavior at given context i.e., the psychology of people around me and mine.

The study itself is fascinating as it introduces ones beliefs and thinking to the next level. I even wonder that the brain is studying its own function as a unit in this huge network of the world’s human population and consciousness.

“As you remove torn clothes and wear new ones ATMA also leaves… and occupies new bodies” – Sri Krishna

As I dig deeper, I myself turned towards the concepts of Krishna who is known to be mythical yet universal being according to Hindu philosophy. My thoughts driven by Dialogue between Arjuna and sri krishna in Bhagavad Gita, in which the super conscious being Krishna’s mystical works and the way he chalked out different situations extraordinarily and treated the one who seeks his help.

As Krishna did in past, It’s the present day like minded psychologists may bring the change in the world towards greater good.

I still wonder that, yet I found one or two with these characters and attitude which means they are rarest of the rare mindsets. I feel it’s the uniqueness of this kind of mindset and it’s time for taking a lead who possess it.

The evil, negativity and the hatred spreading in the world should be kept a check by collective consciousness of every humanbieng, who have to be led by a learned psychologists and people who has an intention to take the lead (Not a mere degree holder). Because, their perspective of life and death and life in between is very different from ours (not all, at least few). If we able to see world through the eyes of them it will be fascinating and vivid and sometimes we freak out considerably but adds meaning to life.


“Our lives are abstract, lets add meaning to it” – DVK


About Vamsy

Friends call me crazy and innovative, students call me friendly and elders call me responsible, above all I call and sees myself as a self-aware entity of this cosmic universe. Good Start Will Have Good Ending – An age old saying may not fit in to present day scenario. How bad may be the beginning still we can mold the things into beautiful memories, this is what I believe! I hope this start will have good ending by sharing our thoughts, views and even ideas to create a chance to change ourselves in better way ever, through “Discoveries of Mind”. I’m very much inclined towards the science especially physics and biology, where I do believe in existence of life elsewhere, as a microbiologist I have few Ideas to study the extraterrestrial life onboard. In this website we share our knowledge and understanding of science, Mythology and philosophy too.

4 comments on “Brain about Brain and Its study – Psychology

  1. Pavan Kumar
    10 Nov 2016

    Dear Vamsi

    You got to know few things a little deeper about your statements. The goal of life is not Death. Freud is utterly wrong in this aspect. he is just a child in studying mind.Unfortunately died with out evolving too much. He got struck in his novice techniques.

    Coming back to the word Hindu philosophy. Hinduism is not a Philosophy.

    the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. Hinduism is not a academic discipline.It is a WAY OF LIFE. We call it as DHARMA.TO KNOW LIFE not death as GOAL.KNOWING SELF AS the final goal of life.

    Psychologists wiil never bring out changes in society. In fact they cause more harm because
    their stand point is MIND and the mind will always change.

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    • Vamsy Krishna Damisetti
      10 Nov 2016

      Thank you for your patience in commenting here… As I can understand, you elaborated my view point in your words more clearly…
      The perspective of Sigmund’s “The goal of life is Death” might be his ignorance but still in initial stages he attracted my attention towards his theories.
      As I am moving from ignorance to awareness of what is reality, I am surprised to know even the academic and researchers are trying to reason the psychology behind the Sri Krishna’s works in Bhagavad Gita.
      I’m trying to understand the research point view too and finally I’m urging psychologists to choose the bright side of world and make it a better place.
      If we believe in politicians for changing the Nation and World why can’t we give a chance to people who has intention to change the face of human race?
      Dear Pavan, hope you understand my concern and please check the research articles on Indian approach..


  2. Niharika
    20 Feb 2017

    If we see Lord Krishna as a mythological character, we cannot discuss about him. I am not against or in favour of any religion.
    But if we consider Krishna as a historical figure, i can say that he is not a psychologist. He is judgemental. He hears opinions of others but finally he is the one who decides. He evaluates everyone. He justifies things by giving reasons. He convinces people.
    His perceptions towards self, death and duty confirms the fact that he has so many biases.
    If we see him as GOD, it is perfectly right to have biases.
    Psychologist is non judgemental. He never takes decision. He helps client to take decisions just by improving self awareness of client. Psychologist cannot have any biases.

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  3. Niharika
    20 Feb 2017

    Hinduism has a set of philosophies. Advaita, Dvaita, etc. They all describe knowledge of self (Vedas), reality of self ( Upanishads) and exsistance of self. Therefore it is a philosophy.

    Psychologists doesnt have any stand point. They do not belong lo any time. They are practitioners of psychology subeject. Subject is ever flowing. It doesnt have any boundaries.

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