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Happy , Safe and Pollution Free Diwali

A celebration should give us happyness. It should remove the fear… In reality, Diwali celebration gives pleasure to only few living beings. For others, it is just a curse. In long run, it increases pollution and harms all living beings… It causes harm to environment. Animals get scared of sounds. Many birds die. Some people get injured. Sounds cause distress to people. Especially elder people suffer on Diwali.
In what way is it funny? Why are we getting pleasure just by burning things and by wasting money?

Are there any crackers in ancient days? No!!! They are invented recently. Mythology and crackers completely belong to two different timelines. Then why are we linking Satyabhama’s victory and crackers?  All dieties were protectors of environment and they have spent their entire lifes in protecting environment. We are damaging environment on their name.

Cant we celebrate Diwali just by lightening diyas and enlightening our minds?


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6 comments on “Happy , Safe and Pollution Free Diwali

  1. psychobuddy
    29 Oct 2016

    vry beautifully written.. oll d bst dear😘..


  2. psychobuddy
    29 Oct 2016

    vry beautifully written dear😘


  3. Yasobanta Padhi
    30 Oct 2016

    Nice going akka


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