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Does children provoke men to rape?

Society keeps blaming girl for wearing improper dresses…. people believe that women provoke men to rape …..

If that is true, what about child abuse? There are so many growing number of cases. Does children provoke men to rape?


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2 comments on “Does children provoke men to rape?

  1. I believe Niharika…they are pedophilics…
    Besides looking into the tinniest detail of the matter….which should be highlighted is that why girls are even the victims of petty and dirty comments…


    • Anonymous
      25 Oct 2016

      బొడ్డు పేగు తెగిపడ్డ రోజు తలుసుకో ….
      గొడ్డు కాదు ఆడదనే గుణం తెలుసుకో………..


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