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Ethics of Addictions

Some people argue that addictions like drinking, smoking are not wrong because they are mandatory in some western countries for maintaining body heat. Other arguments are also there. The person who takes drink may not harm anybody. He may not get harmed. Then how can it be wrong? Anything, if not consumed in limit harms. Then why only alcohol, drugs and tobacco? Why not sugar be considered as addiction of a diabetes patient? Why not salt be considered as addiction of high BP patient? Is there any perfect criteria to categorize things?

There is a universal ethic which can judge addictions. The whole essence of life lies in attaining consciousness. Spirituality teaches that we should have control over all of our emotions. Addiction takes us away from consciousness. Addictions take us away from not only superconsiousness but also from normal consciousness of surroundings. A BP patient will not have two different set of morals before and after taking salt though it harms him where as, a drinker will have shaken morals after drinking. That is the reason why we can judge that it is ethically and morally wrong to take  anything which takes away from consciousness.


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    24 Nov 2014

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