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Why Am I The Most Unlucky Person In The World

You cant understand my problems, because you have never experienced so many problems like me. I am the single most unluckiest person in this world. What do you know about me to give suggestions? Facing is not as simple as that of advising. I myself know how much I am suffering. I lost my life. I am depressed and I don’t want to live. You don’t cry because you don’t have any feelings. I cry because I am so sensitive. your problem is simple and my problem is complicated.”

EVERYBODY feels like this, but they don’t realise that they are not the only ones feeling like this. They think that their problem is more complicated and it is very harder to solve when compared to others problems. Coming to the reality, it is true that the loss caused by different kinds of problems is different, but the pain felt by person who is facing the problem will depend on the mentality of a person and it will be same in most of the cases. The sorrow of a little boy who lost his pencil and the sorrow of a millionaire who lost hundred crores in business will be same. If a person starts viewing at his problem as that of others, he will find simple solution. If he treats others problem as his own, he can understand others pain. Solution for a problem lies in the person who is facing it. There is no problem in this world without solution. Cool mind can solve any problem.


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One comment on “Why Am I The Most Unlucky Person In The World

  1. Anonymous
    12 Mar 2016

    Yeah its true …..

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