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Thinking is Injurious to Life

Success cannot be achieved by a person who keeps on thinking. If you keep on thinking, your thoughts become complicated, solutions which are in front of your eyes cannot be viewed, concentration will be  lost and finally thoughts which you have made for the sake of  achieving success  will become obstacles to  your success. There are two categories of useless thinking. One is thinking about past and getting unnecessary emotions. Second is thinking so much about future and making a very very long lifetime plan. In many movies and stories, during climax scenes, many thoughts comes into hero’s mind and as a result, he becomes more and more inspired. Is this possible in real life?? noo…. No body can become successful if he keeps on thinking before doing some tough work. For example, let us consider a Olympic shooter. To win, he should simply shoot with a clear mind. His concentration should be only on shooting. What happens if he go on thinking about his past and future? What happens if he starts thinking about the difficulties which he had faced in past, then about people who had helped him in past, future awards after winning, etc,..? Then definitely he will loose. His mind becomes distracted, his concentration will be lost. All this comes under first category. This type of thinking makes a person over reactive, less concentrated, more emotional. Nobody knows what happens tomorrow. There will be minimum of 10 to 20 possibilities in each step of chess. When there are so many possibilities in a game played by two people, imagine the number of possibilities in life which is played by some hundreds of people belonging to a society and also nature which is ruler and ultimate controller of all these people!! So making plans for whole life is meaningless. Having goals and working out for it through planning is different. Planning can be done about work which we have to do, but thinking and planning about what has to happen is waste.

Imagine a machine and human. One of the reason for which the machine is more efficient than human is, the machine doesn’t think. It doesn’t have any emotions. So it works with constant, stable, accurate performance. Ofcourse there are many other reasons also.

Finally the conclusion is, you can be successful only if you go on doing the thing about which you are passionate and which can add value to human society. Think about different ways to do it, and also think about finding solutions, but not about past and future which will destroy your goal.


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