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There must be something unknown!

Organisms have been evolving throughout. The forces operating on them during evolution are their fitness and also chance. They don’t know the mechanisms by which they are evolving. Nature is operating at a large scale and they are only doing their duty at very small scale which is nothing but their body.

In the same way, cells in our body are doing many things. They make food, building blocks for us. They use food and give energy to us at correct time. We don’t even know what is happening inside us a t small scale. We are acting at large scale.

Some people assume that all these are Chemical phenomenon which is not true. If everything is Chemical or Mathematical, evolution and birth of living things would have been as simple as baking a potato, but its not! There is some control over things. Small scale happenings are being controlled by some power in the form of nature, abundance, availability, cycles without the awareness of actual person or population in which they are happening. When you realize that fact, ego in you will be killed. You will strive to help the supreme power by cooperating with nature. You will improve the orderliness on Earth. All the living and non living things will be able to live together happily.


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