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The Right Companionship

How to choose your company? Is there any difference between positivity and optimism? Can you be with a person with negativity without being harmed?

Everybody likes to be in company of a superior person, so that they can be benefited. What if that superior person also wants to stay with even more superior person? There is no end to this chain. Then nobody can be together.

Moreover, what is superiority? Today, people consider designation as indicator of superiority. Can a person with higher qualification or designation really benefit you? Of course, he can give you promotion or money or position. That cannot be called as a company’s benefit. That is just a process in which you impress your higher official by being with him and in return, he will give you something. It is more like a business relation.

Gaining benefit by being in someones company is totally different. It involves unintentional exchange of intellectual property. Your mind will grasp so many things accidentally. You can make your thoughts more and more clear while explaining to them. You can get new thoughts. Your mind will learn some things from them very quickly. You can find answers at least to some of your questions.

You cannot select a company to gain all these benefits, but you can confirm that you are in right company after gaining all these benefits. Person giving you right company need not to be superior to you, but he should be in same direction. Let us assume that there are two directions say, positive and negative. Let us imagine that there is imaginary 1 to 10 scale to measure positivity. If you are at +3, your company should be between +1 to +10. If not, you will retrogress. You can progress only when you both are at +ve places. Even if you are at +9, you will progress slowly if you be in company of a person at +1.  He will progress rapidly. You will fall down to +1 if you be in a company of person with -ve sign. How do you assign a direction? That is next important factor to choose your company. Thats so simple. Positivity can be viewed as willingness to learn new things, tendency to apply learned things practically. Negativity can be viewed as lack of  interest to learn new things and inability to apply theoretically known facts in practical life.


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