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Stress Vs Discipline

Forget about artificial methods by which a person can try to be stress free. Discipline is ordered and systematic way of living. How can one live a disciplined life? Is it by imposing some rules? Who should impose rules on whom? When will be a person become stressed? Can discipline and rules result in stress? Can lazy people without any rules lead happy life? If it is true that the person without rules can lead a very happy and stress free life, can he be disciplined?
There are many kids growing in strict environment with several restrictions on them. General observations reveal that the kids growing in such situations are more indisciplined and weak minded. That itself suggests that pressure cannot induce discipline. in contrary to this, children who are expected to be poor in studies evolve as highly intelligent talented adults. This further increases the confusion about discipline. Many people struggle to find the borders between stress and discipline. Some successfully manage to discover the border and they will achieve great positions in their life. Others cannot do the same and they remain unsuccessful in life due to lack of discipline. In extreme cases, they may go into depression with increased stress. Parents, teachers, society can also act as stress inducers in those cases.
For those kids who grow in strict environment, simple wrong things such as secretly smoking, drinking seems like achievements. The environment itself should be blamed for the child’s misbehavior, as it is giving thrill to kids in doing wrong things.
One and only answer to end all the confusion is simple. Discipline can be developed by own desire, whereas the stress is developed by imposition of desire either by you or by others. If you try to continuously improve yourself, you will workout everyday with new ideas and plans. That would build discipline in you. Others can also induce discipline in you by completely understanding you with selfless goals. Systematic way also helps to reduce the stress. This is possible only if intension is to improve personality as a whole without any other expectation. Stress is developed when you try to satisfy or impress others. Stress inducing goals generally lack interest, desire and personality development.
Difference can be best explained by taking an example. Imagine a student trying to get full marks. Continuous assessment, analysis of his progress, making of timetable, following a plan are all his strategies. That builds the discipline in him automatically. He will also reduce stress by means of discipline. Imagine another student trying to get first rank. He will imitate first ranker. He doesn’t have any own goal. His goal is comparative and dependent. If there is no rank system, he is goalless. His feelings are all ego centered. So it has capacity to generate stress in the student in every possible way.
Final conclusion is that, the discipline developed on their own, with effort and desire can yield the happiness by reducing stress.


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