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Social Animal Is No More!

Social animals are those animals which interact highly with other animals. Though philosophers call human beings as social animals, it is  no more a truth!

People stopped moving out from their houses. We don’t visit even a neighbors house. We don’t participate in functions. Though we are enjoying parties even today, there is a difference between what we are calling today as social behavior and what it used to be. Today’s parties and events are self centered. They are only meant for self enjoyment and formality. Parties in olden days are party centered. They were social interactions. Today, most of the invitations are through social websites. It is good to use social website as a tool of communication. The problem is, messages in social sites would not be specific in most of the cases. It is targeted to many. Importance of each invitee is not being expressed. The other ways of communications like phone call, letter are more efficient as they target only one person and highlight the importance of that person. Event organizers are non specific not only in inviting, but also in receiving. They are very much busy in taking photographs. No interactions between people takes place as the music dominates the voices. All these reasons directly influence invitees minds and reduce their interest.

Apart from that, there are other reasons like hectic schedules,  status differences, gossip phobia, depression, stress, which make the person reluctant to come into social environment. The ultimate loss is to whole society.

The one and only solution to stop this progressing disasters is the change in attitude. We should stop thinking that we are doing some favor to somebody by visiting their house or by attending their event. The fact is that, being social can reduce impact of stress and depression. This is a proven psychology study result. The pain can be well tolerated by a person who moves close with many people when compared to a isolated person. So, we must meet people, mingle with people for our own benefit, but not to benefit others. They will also visit us and get the same benefit if they deserve. we need not make any calculation about their benefit and we need not expect something from them.

Any relation can be maintained only when there is no return expectation. We should be social just to be social! Social websites can be used as a tool for group communication and as a publisher to spread information, but not to maintain relations by throwing a small nonspecific multi targeted piece of information!



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