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Microbial Heroes in The Mask of Villainism

Each and every advertisement related to cleaning products focuses on microbes! They establish a war against microorganisms. Some also spell microorganisms as worms. But what is the truth? Are they really dangerous? Can removing microbes from everywhere help us to improve health condition?

There are microbes more than the total population of the world in a single human body! They are there in gut, on teeth, on skin and everywhere. There is no place in this Universe which is free from microorganisms. They are there in food, drink, water, sky, soil, air. They can also live in extreme areas like the snow of Himalayas and the lava of volcanoes. They are also present in the outer space.

The amateur society will wonder if it comes to know about their role. They are responsible for the formation of Earth. They are the ones which released oxygen into the atmosphere for the first time. They are the first life forms from which even humans also have evolved. They have capability to adjust anywhere and everywhere. Apart from historical role, they also play very major roles in everyday life of human beings. Only 1% of microbes are responsible for diseases and remaining are friendly in nature. Some theories suggest that the causes of evolution of microbes into harmful ones are destructive human activities such as deforestation, releasing of radiation into the atmosphere, etc. The microbes present outside and inside of a healthy body will fight with harmful  attacking microbes. They will protect the body in/on which they are staying. Microbes decompose the organic wastes including dead bodies and convert them into reusable forms. They are the sweepers of the Earth. They take harmful gases and convert into useful gases. They are major factories of oxygen, which is most essential for the existence of higher forms of life on the Earth. They are responsible for the curdling of milk. Wine, batter of Idly and dosa, etc are all the products of a process carried out by microbes called fermentation. The list is endless.

Their destruction can lead to so many problems in near future. It is very urgent step to remove all the misconceptions about them from the society.


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