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Have you ever analyzed your reading skills? What makes the difference between reading and learning?

Let us have a glance on effective learning techniques which can boost your memory and make you more comfortable during exams:

1. Before starting the preparation, make sure that you have all materials ready! if you buy a 10,000 rupees book and try to read it just before exam, it is definite that you can achieve nothing. Secondly, if you go on reading your class notes for years and years, that will not enhance your knowledge. Therefore, you should prepare or obtain or buy a notes or a textbook whose content will be proportional to the time available. Do not write in papers or small books. It makes your studies clumsy and confusing. Try to keep a all in one notebook. You can also use a diary for this purpose. You can write 1 subject / 2 months.  Your brain can remember coloured things easily. So try to use colours. Make charts while studying, which can help you for quick revision.

2. Make a plan, which is practically possible. You may avoid studying if you plan more than what you can actually study. If you plan less, you cannot complete your syllabus. Make a trial study. Calculate practical time taken for studying based on your trial and then make a plan. Most important thing is, you should stand on your plan. Many people post pone today’s work to tomorrow and reschedule every day. When you have studies and other things to do, plan in such a way that you will study minimum per a day. eg: If you have to learn 2 songs and 2 chapters in two days, you should learn 1 song and 1 chapter per a day. You cannot learn everything on one day. you will get bored in the middle. So try to learn minimum possible things of one type on a day. Incorporate various things in between. Take atleast 5 mins break after serious 20 minutes study. This is how you can effectively learn and remember.

3. Be confident. Finally, when you are reading, start with easy topic. Everybody has starting problem which can be solved by taking easy chapters first. Don’t think that easy chapters can be covered later. They can actually boost you.

4. The time for which you stare at a book doesn’t matter. The number of times you read a lesson actually matters. Read as if you are reading your favourite story. Then revise after a day. The rough work in the form of charts or tables will help you alot. You can just quickly revise this work on the day of exam.

5. Take test after every 1hr of reading

6. Reading same thing for too long time is always harmful. True boundary is very important


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