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Exercise Vs Improved Activity

Of course, exercising regularly reduces overweight, increases muscle power, strengthens the body. It improves mental health along with physical health. Coming to the reality, is it possible for everyone to maintain a proper schedule? Is it possible to do something regularly? There are some people who can lead a disciplined life and make everything possible. What about others? Most of the people cannot maintain proper schedule and cannot exercise. Increasing rate of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes is a proof that it is really happening. We cannot call all of them lazy. Some of them might be busy with work. Some may not get a proper place to exercise. Some may not be so healthy. There could be several reasons.

In olden days, there were no machines and people carried out all works using the man power. Physical hard-work helped them to maintain very good health. According to Nature, our current strength and power are apt for us to maintain perfect health. It imposed energy limits on us. Otherwise, Nature would have helped us to further evolve into machine like creatures. Humans didn’t understand Nature’s logic and started inventing machines to reduce the effort which lead to the development of diseases. All the modern diseases underlying cause is accumulation of some excess substance in the body.

The only apt solution is to improve daily activity rather than regretting for unavailability of exercise time. That can help a lot in improving health as well as to avoid laziness.

Try to be excited all the time!

Run when you have to walk!

Swing when you have to sit!

Jump when you have to stand!

and Always be active!


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