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Defencive Thinking

The main force which will help human beings to repair their body is IMMUNITY. Many medications, antibiotics etc.. all are based on immune reactions. It is the response initialized in body when a foreign harmful particle enters our body. Due to immunity series of reactions takes place. It is somewhat like battle between self and non self. If foreign particle is strong, body will loose and vice versa. The power in a living being body can be triggered only by foreign partical.

In Physics, there is Newtons Law. For every action there is equal and opposite reaction.

According to Gandhiji’s theory about nonviolence, if someone is harming you, you should be polite towards them. If you patiently be polite for some time, they will change and they will start regretting. Now you may start thinking that this article is meaningless as things mentioned above are all irrelevant. They all are RELATED because they all are examples of following theory.

When someone scolds or blames , there will be stimulation in brain which acts as defence mechanism similar to immunity. It will not think about any morals or facts. It will just oppose. It will go on supporting self until and unless it is weak. If it is weak, it looses. But if it is strong enough it will convince the other person or it will give self-confidence to itself. Similar to newtons force, it is in opposite direction. Sometimes if argument is wrong from listeners side and if the blame is correct, this defensive thinking may lead to build-up of ego, bad nature and wrong analysis. However, the generation of this defensive thinking will take place both in wrong as well as right persons. If person is good enough, it will help him for building self confidence and gaining tolerance where as if the person is bad, it will act as a evil force. Application of this force purely depends on morals of the person.

If you fight with a person, you will develop that defensive force in him. Here you are acting as non self opposing force. He will become more and more stubborn as the force is purely opposing. So by following nonviolence, by being polite, we can stop development of such force in the arguing person which helps our argument!!


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