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Deaths Throughout The Life

In the adult stage our nature helps us in being confidant, having enthusiasm and to learn things. One very important character is, we don’t like this society and we hate many illegal, immoral things happening in the society. We will have confidence that we can change society. We don’t consider ourself as one of the ordinary human beings. Some people may consider this as overconfidence. Some people feel that this thinking is due to immature mind and boiling blood. No one will believe us. They will consider our ambitions as day dreams.

Then gradually we will start understanding this society. We will start merging in society. Then we will finally get converted into those individuals whom we hated earlier. Now we  also feel that the sayings of our elders are correct. As they said, we did not change the society and we are living normal life.

We consider a person as dead if he is no more. When we change, the earlier ‘we’ are no more. Is this not the DEATH?

BUT WHY SHOULD THIS HAPPEN? What are the true reasons for those changes? Is that the time which is molding us? Is it because of decreasing confidence due to underestimation? Is it the laziness? is it the true pattern of life?

Answer is NO. None of the above reasons are true. Its just the lack of COMMITMENT and lack of TOLERANCE to problems. There are some people who did not change throughout their life and they even influenced the society. What happens is, when we come across a problem, mental condition changes, we will be in a state where we cannot exactly judge whether what we are doing is correct or not!! When we try to achieve something, if we fail in the beginning, we will immediately stop trying. Thats the main problem.

So finally, why should the boiling of blood stop? No. It should not. If we manage to be in adulthood mentally through out our life, definitely we can change society. To change society, first and at least we should prevent changes in us!!


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