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Dear Grooms…

I do benefit society! I do benefit people! I do benefit economy! I do benefit hard work. I benefit society by setting price for him. I benefit people by making them rich overnight. I benefit economy by increasing disparities between people. I benefit hard work by imposing it on her father. I increase gender discrepancy. Not only she, but her parents struggle to get her married. Not only he, his parents become rich overnight. I provoke her to go for suicide when she cannot satisfy me. I induce him to kill her when she cannot satisfy me. He beats her, harasses her to satisfy me. She cannot even prove my existence. She struggles hard to get married, then to satisfy me, then to satisfy me, again to satisfy me, again and again to satisfy me for rest of her life. In case she fails, she dies. In case she fights, she loses. I also promote female abortions as my part-time job. I don’t like educated girls. They may not know my value. They are not afraid of me. So I demote their births by scaring their parents.

Modern society feels that I don’t exist. Fools doesn’t know that I do exist. My name has been changed to ‘marriage expenses’ in some areas. I am soo happy with my new name. are you? Don’t forget me and don’t go against me. Let us be a shameless pair forever!

yours insincerely,



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